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The Islamic University of Madinah's Acceptance Lists of Successful Applicants

The Islamic University of Madinah has recently published their acceptance list for 2020, Alhamdulillah.


Due to COVID-19, the University is not allowing new students to come to Madinah and start studies as of yet. They are giving new students two options: they can start their studies online and complete them in the actual university in the future, or to wait for things too balance out and start their studies at the university in Madinah at a later date. No date is given, however it may be for the second term which will start round about February 2021, and Allah knows best.




British List:



All other countries:


Names are displayed under the country you hold a nationality in and not necessarily the country you live in. For Example a Somali brother who has a Norwegian passport but lives in UK should look for his name under Norway.


If you are a Brit or live in the UK and your have been accepted please click here to get in contact with the site admin and the current British students so we can help and advise you what you need to do next Inshaallah.


If your country is not listed then this means that no one from your country has been accepted.



If your name is not on the list please click here for advice.





MadinahStudent.co.uk and its admin, have no say as to whom is accepted. MadinahStudent.co.uk is simply displaying copies of official lists from the Islamic University of Al-Madinah Al-Manawarah.


MadinahStudent.co.uk does not endorse or support any ill or deviant actions/views that may be held by individuals mentioned on these lists.

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