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Online Application Check & Edit Service

When applying to a university it is very important that you fill out your application correctly and make it look appealing. This will be the first impression that a University will see of you. Often university applications can be rather complicated and the Islamic University’s online application is no exception. A large amount of applicants make mistakes in their applications and many western applicants have issues sealing their applications.


MadinahStudent.co.uk has been dealing with the Islamic University’s online application since it was implemented and we have been dealing with its admissions department for almost 20 years.  


We offer an Application Check & Edit Service for those applying online to the Islamic University of Madinah. We will analyse your application, correct mistakes & errors, and compile a detailed report advising you what should be changed or could strengthen your application.


The service costs  £29.99 GBP ($36.99 USD approx). Payment should be made with PayPal.


If you would like to use the Application Check & Edit Service please fill in the form below or email us on [email protected] .


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